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free shipping and free fzg-t-shirt with purchase

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    if you’re interested in snatching something from my store, your shopping experience should be a very happy one. here’s why:



    free shipping on all orders… even international. daz’kräzy… uhm hmm. all products are shipped from my studio in coral gables miami, florida, within a couple of day after the order is placed.



    easy returns if you don’t like an item that you received from me. just let me know what you prefer… money back, exchange, alteration… i will find a way to make you one of my happiest customers evvvver! just don’t let a huge chunk of time past between receiving the item and contacting me. also, please keep the product in fabülouzz condition until you return it.


    payment options

    pay via paypal or – if you don’t have a paypal account – pay through paypal with your credit or debit card (at the end of the checkout, click the box “pay by credit or debit card” which is below the paypal “log-in”). bank transfers are also an option.


    sales tax

    i have to charge florida residents sales tax.


    product care

    all products that i create are machine washable – clothes, hats, bags – everything. my advice to you: turn them inside-out, wash them in a cold or warm cycle using a mild detergent and lay them flat to dry. done. that way they might last forever. archeologists could unearth this stuff centuries from now and still have fun with it.

    [the way i prep all materials before construction makes special care obsolete. all components are pre-washed to let them morph into their final stages. no shrinkage or color bleeding should occur later on. and i mean evvverything gets washed! fabrics, zippers, trims, lining, even fusing. i also wash every finished product for final quality control. ohya!]



    please feel free to contact me constantly. about anything! my creations… how crazy the world has become… aaaanything!



    fäde zu grau


    1203 lisbon street

    coral gables, florida 33134



    january 2022